Failure Analysis

After the occurrence of a failure in a system an investigation should be carried out in order to find the reasons causing the failure and recommendations on methods to prevent similar failures in the future.

IKA Laboratories has carried out and carries out hundreds of failure analyses in diversified systems from large-scale chemical industry devices to medical implants of sizes of a few millimeters, from airborne systems to assemblies in urban systems.

We also carry out failure analyses on electronic equipment in order to locate a reason for failure and related problems in electronic components or in a board.

חקר כשל
In all cases the failure analysis process is methodical and encompasses all the following stages:

  • Data collection
  • Precise visual inspections.
  • Macro inspections (up to ‎X40).
  • Metallographic sections for examination of the structure of the material.
  • Fractography carried out usually with Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).
  • Micro-analysis of the fracture environment to find presence of aggressive elements.
  • Interpretation of the results and preparation of a summarizing report.

On the basis of these examinations - revealing of the mechanism that led to the failure.

For instance:

  • Mechanical fracture from overload stresses
  • Mechanical fracture from cyclical stresses (fatigue)
  • Corrosion damages
  • Errors in selection of the material or planning of the part
  • Errors in the part production process
  • In all the cases, at the end of the investigation a report is prepared including pictures documenting the stages of the investigation, the findings, conclusions and recommendations to prevent the fracture in the future.
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